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Diana Sandoval -born on December 4th, 1980 in Bogotá, Colombia- realizes, during her high school years, her passion toward art and fashion. After graduating and living in Cambridge, U.K., she receives her B.A. diploma from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota as a Master in Visual Arts. During these years Diana is exposed to photography discovering her great skills in this field. She travels to Spain to get her Master in Fashion Portrait Digital Photography at TAI school in Madrid. There Diana’s dreams start to grow and develop to become the great fashion and advertising photographer she is today.

Diana has never left her personal work which is mostly composed of self-portraits, with those she has participated in various expos and won awards.

She is currently living in Bogotá managing her own photography company.


Diana Sandoval specialized in Fashion, Beauty, Portrait, Advertising and Food Photography.


Clients & Publications


  • InFashion
  • Revista Diners
  • Vogue Latinoamérica
  • Focus Magazine
  • Fashion Radicals
  • Pan Sabor y Tradición
  • Sancho DDB
  • TBWA
  • Chevrolet
  • Samsung
  • CC Atlantis Plaza
  • Diane & Geordi
  • Supertrendi e-commerc
  • Lila Morantes
  • La Coquito
  • Daniel Dine&Wine